Autumn blues!

Trying to make pate de fruit from seabuckthorn (traditional Russian berry, isn’t it?) and lime with tequila.


October Tasting Set

Carefully packed tasting set with

  • salted caramel and peanut in dark chocolate
  • roasted pecan in white chocolate
  • roasted pecan in caramelized chocolate
  • raspberry marshmallow in dark chocolate
  • dried Argent plums in dark chocolate with whole almond inside
  • yuzu ganache in dark chocolate
  • pineapples with cream white chocolate and candied citron peel
  • candied Sicilian orange peels in dark chocolate

“Hedgehog in The Fog” – the taste of childhood

  The very old and quite controversial Russian cartoon Hedgehog in The Fog was forgotten for a long time until my children accidentally found it. And they fall in love! I created pralines devoted to my childhood memories to share the taste of the tale with my children.

   The collection is all about caramel and roasted pecan taste. The caramel tastes like caramelized condensed milk of my childhood when we put a can into boiling water for a long time. How many cans had been exploded during that old fashioned caramelization process, how many were almost burnt… btw it worth it.

   Let me introduce both: caramelized french white chocolate from Cacao Barry with whole roasted pecans chocolate bars and pralines filled with roasted pecan ganache and coated with caramelized chocolate.